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Announcing BravoSix TV, a Black Ops live show

Six weeks ago I started blogging after the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops in hopes of providing this community with quality unbiased media coverage. Following the mostly positive response I have received I have decided to discontinue my blog in an effort to provide more live streaming content for the Call of Duty community. Today, I am pleased to announce the creation of a new Call of Duty: Black Ops show – BravoSix TV.

Discerning the Competitive Future of Black Ops

After taking last week off for the holidays, I return to recap the current league happenings, continuing gametype choice issues, and the biggest problem currently holding Black Ops back as a successful eSports title – the community.

Black Ops: A Community Divided

CoDSource and E-Rev TV have stopped sharing content. To make matters worse, it all transpired behind closed doors. I explain why this is bad for the CoD community and interview John Clark from National ESL.

The Craziest Week of Black Ops (thus far)

After arguably the most interesting week for the competitive community since Black Ops was released, Ted wraps up the biggest topics and looks ahead to hopefully more stable times.

Eric Brinkley talks Black Ops, National ESL CTF Cup Preview

There has been a lot criticism put on Treyarch over the numerous performance issues plaguing the PC version Call of Duty: Black Ops. Today, I talk with Eric Brinkley from ijji about game development and eSports.