On the topic of eSports

And then Milkis posted on r/strarcraft.

I can’t even begin to put words to how woefully ignorant and incorrect Milkis is on this entire topic so how about some things from other people first:

djWHEAT responds to near perfection:

I love how you are so passionate and intimate about the BW scene and what is stands for. But your ongoing attacks towards any non-BW related eSports is quite frankly fucking bullshit. You disrespect every gamer who has participated in eSports for the past 13 years.

You act as if no one else ever even cared about another game. That other gamers didn’t put blood, sweat, and tears into their game of choice.

You claim that BW is the only eSport, but I think eSports is the thousands of gamers (whether they play CS, Carom 3D, BW, WC3, Street Fighter, etc) who have a level of passion for the game that transcends what’s normal. The same gamers who compete on the highest tier of their level.

You just said fuck you to Justin Wong and Daigo.

You just said fuck you to Zero4 and Tox1c.

You just said fuck you to cArn and Frod.

How can you say fuck you to the legends who have put just as much of an effort into their game as someone like Flash or Jaedong?

Some tweets:

Who started this fucking silly rumor that BW and SC2 are the only competitive games that have an audience who doesn't play? #FALSE
I'm so glad @'s comment was the first thing I read after @ Reddit blog before I raged to all hell. What a load of shit.
Rod Breslau
I'm glad everyone is shitting on Milkis. What a moron.
Marc Onofrio
The Korean BW scene is nearly unparalleled, but most do not live in Korea. Our communities and sport evolved from Quake, Street Fighter, CS.
Rod Breslau
@ You need to make a decision. Support esports as a whole or not at all. There's no room here for attitudes like yours.
Brent Ruiz

Just the other day, I noted Milkis made some excellent points on some of the issues surrounding eSports journalism, but I don’t think I have to explain why or how his narrow view of Korea vs the World is incorrect. If you want to say BW is the best eSport of all time, I think there might be merit in that discussion. However, as djWHEAT stated, to say the entire industry that helped fuel the growth of BW in Korea is not eSports is an insult to the thousands of pro gamers and individuals who have played, worked, and volunteered in this scene for over a decade.

The Korean BW scene is great. Probably the best eSports industry in the world. But that doesn’t mean there are not other strong scene’s out there. The German eSports scene, as an example, has been extremely successful over the past several years thanks in large part due to EPS and the work of a lot of local organizers. For all Milkis’ praise about how amazing the Korean scene is though, how come they still have yet to figure out a way to market and sell their product outside Korea? Milkis and those who agree with his logic will tell you it’s because the model just won’t work outside Korea.

If that is indeed the case, then perhaps the Korean Brood War model isn’t this ultimate form of eSports perfection some would have us believe.

A tweet from djWHEAT in conclusion:

I respect ALL eSports. And I'll just leave it at that. Each game/community has played a valuable role for us to be where we are today.

The bottom line is eSports operates and exists as whole. If we accept the existance of this professional gaming or electronic sports industry, we must acknowledge to some extent all the parts of the whole that define us. From Quake to BW to CS to Halo to CoD to Trackmania to Action RTS to FGC to SC2 to SSBB to WoW and to everything in-between – it is all eSports.

Anything less is just ignorance.