A NASL Season 1 Finals thought

Amid the numerous technical issues that plagued the start of the NASL Season 1 finals yesterday was a number of other storylines. I thought I’d share one:

Constructive feedback - this is a REALLY poor format for finals. Months and months of work all wasted because of 1 bo3? Fix next season plz!
James Lampkin

I couldn’t agree more with Kennigit on this issue. The amount of time and money invested in traveling and practicing for NASL finals is significant, and players don’t want to walk away feeling cheated. I get that NASL wants to broadcast every match, and I respect them for that¬†immensely, but Kennigit is right, one best-of-three series is simply not enough. Moreover, most of the series were actually over quite quickly.

Think of how this effects the fans watching as well. And what about the Koreans? For example, while Zenio and MC were busy traveling to compete in the NASL, their team, oGs, was struggling to find someone to beat DonReaGu in the GSL Team League. I bet the oGs coach would have loved the ability to send out his best Zerg (Zenio) and his best player (MC) to try to win them the match. Instead, DonReaGu came back to win three games and the match for MVP 4-3 over oGs.

Just some food for thought as we begin day 2 of the NASL finals. Oh, and the round-of-eight matches are also apparently best-of-three. Be sure to follow along on our Event Page over at ESFI World.