Thanks for playing kids

Early this morning NaDa defeated Keen and HongUn in his GSL group to advance to the round of 16. Anyone want to guess how those games went?

NaDa Salute

UPDATE: Now with a GIF of NaDa’s awesomeness. (h/t Talionis from

NaDa Salute

In other GSL news, IM.MVP failed to advance out of his GSL group. Since winning the World Championship, the two time GSL champion has looked less than dominant. First, he had to re-qualify for Code S by taking second in Code A last season. Now, MVP has an early exit in GSL July following his early elimination in the Super Tournament. Fortunately, he is still in Code S so maybe we’ll see him get back in form.

Now onto some more eSports headlines for today:

  • Day[9] announces the After Hours Gaming League – Employees from companies like Facebook, Google, & Microsoft will now compete in a StarCraft 2 team league.
  • FXOpen will send ChoyafOu to MLG Anaheim – FXOpen manager Josh Dentrinos will sponsor Choya to attend MLG Anaheim in return for the fOu captain’s hospitality to Dentrinos and the FXOpen team.
  • Cooller leaves Mousesports – The fallout of IEM not picking up Quake this season has begun as Quake legend Cooller has parted ways with Mousesports.
  • 2GD and MLG incident – Popular eSports MC & Quake Commentator 2GD made a lighthearted jab at MLG while guest commentating’s live July 4th broadcast only to be removed minutes later. (Note: 2GD declined to comment & MLG has not made an official statement either)