Announcing BravoSix TV, a Black Ops live show

Six weeks ago I started blogging after the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops in hopes of providing this community with quality unbiased media coverage. Following the mostly positive response I have received I have decided to discontinue my blog in an effort to provide more live streaming content for the Call of Duty community. Today, I am pleased to announce the creation of a new Call of Duty: Black Ops show – BravoSix TV.

The concept behind BravoSix TV is simple – take the quality unbiased approach of my blog and utilize the capabilities of live streaming to provide you with quality content. Joining me as a co-host on the show will be my good friend, Ian “ianLP” Tannehill. The show will air live weekly on Sundays at 8PM EST (for the time being at least) and will also be available in VoD format. Similar to “CoDRoundtable” of the past, BravoSix TV will also welcome weekly prominent community figures as guests while addressing the hottest topics surrounding the community. Furthermore, listeners will also be able to call-in to the show (via Skype) to voice their own opinions and/or ask questions.

The first live BravoSix TV show will broadcast this coming Sunday, January 9th at 8PM EST!

Live stream location:

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The VoD archive will be available once the first show concludes. Additionally, I’ve also begun to work with several individuals within the CoD community and eSports as a whole to help extend the reach of the show and hopefully attract new competitors to the Black Ops community.

It is my hope, this show provides not only quality content to the Call of Duty community, but also helps shape Black Ops as a successful eSports title. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, do not hesitate to make them known. Thanks, and hope to see you guys tuning in Sunday!