End of Semester Thoughts, Burn Notice Style

The first semester for most college students is over, the Holidays are almost here, college football bowl week begins this weekend, NFL playoffs are around the corner, the baseball hot stove continues to heat up, and I’m still behind on my to-do list. It’s good to see some things don’t change. As a big fan of the tv show Burn Notice on USA, which returns in January, I decided to spice things up a little, Burn Notice style. Here’s the January preview:

Philles get Doc Halladay
After three days of insane negotiations the Phillies finally got their man, Roy Halladay from the Blue Jays. Unfortunately the Phills had to give up quite a bit to get Halladay which has caused some people I have talked with to be very concerned with the deal. Let me first say this, Halladay is arguably the best pitcher in the Majors. He’s been playing in the toughest division to pitch in, the AL East with the Yankees & Red Sox, and now he’s coming to the NL East. Two other important points to note about Halladay is that he has the most complete games out of any starting pitcher in the majors and he is more of a ground ball pitcher, both of which is good in the smaller Citizens Bank Ballpark.

Now unfortunately accompanying this deal is the loss of Cliff Lee for prospects. The Phillies could have probably traded for Halladay and kept Lee for the final season on his contract, however, at the conclusion of their trade they would have given up 7 of their top 10 prospects in their farm system. No matter how good the Phillies are today or next season, there still has to be some plans for the future. The culture of the Phillies is changing, they are trying to get away from the losing Phillies of the past and reinvent themselves as a championship contender year in and year out, not just for a 2-4 year stretch. Just remember kids, “If you’re looking over your shoulder to see who’s coming after you, you can’t see where you’re going.”

Let’s be Creative

Two weeks ago I tweeted an article by John Maeda on Harvard Business Publishing entitled Why Business Leaders Should Act More like Artists. You can read the full article here. The bottom line includes three basic points: 1) Artists constantly collaborate. 2) Artists are talented communicators. & 3) Artists learn how to learn together. Overall, three excellent points by Maeda in arguably a time where collaboration & communication between businesses is most essential. In today’s information age we have more technology and gadgets that connect us to our friends, family, & desired media information. All of these technologies are envisioned to work together to provide us an enjoyable experience; however, without collaboration & communication this is seemingly impossible. A number of companies today, such as Google and Apple, seem to understand this and that’s a contributing factor to why they are so successful. After all, “You can sit and wait for an incident to occur or you can create your own.”

Web Designers are Angels?
Also a little old, but I’m sure most of you have seen this comic on The Oatmeal, How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell. It’s a pretty funny comic, especially if you’re a web designer who has worked with a client who has altered your original design with no attention to design principles. To a designer, those clients seem like the devil incarnate, destroying our beautiful creation and tempting others to do the same. And “If the devil had a name it’d be….Chuck Finley.”

Miscellaneous End of Semester Thoughts:
“People have too much faith in padlocks.” – The best way to keep things a secret and secure is if no one knows about it.

“Need the police to respond right away? Call Ahead.” – It’s better to have a plan, a plan B wouldn’t hurt either. Plan B for ‘be prepared’.

” Disney World…is a magical kingdom with lots of witnesses and great security.” – Let the system work for you instead of trying to work against it.

“So you’re saying I should eat a lot of yogurt?” —– “Couldn’t hurt.” – Protein is good.

“C4 is meant to be used, not stored.” – A little flare is sometimes a good thing; nothing like a Kansas City Shuffle

“You know what they say, if something appears too good to be true, shoot it just be safe.” – There are only three sure things in the world: Death, Taxes, and Peyton Manning in the 4th quarter.