Weekend Thoughts & New Design

Alright, after 3 hours or so I’ve finally finished updating this blog with a new design and a host of other features undernearth.  I have a lot more updates I want to get to, most importntly, re-designing the comments as their current design is too ugly to look at.  Until I fix the comments, I’m just going to leave them disabled so I don’t hurt anyone’s eyes. As you can probably guess by this design change, my blog content will also take a slightly different direction. I’ll still be doing some eSports stuff here and there, but this will not be a sole eSports blog anymore. Don’t like that?  Tough.  Anyway on to some of my thoughts for the weekend:

TTSCC Season (Series) Finale: I don’t know how many of you watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles but I do, mainly because I just like the Terminator franchise. Anyway, the season 2 finale aired last night and suffice to say it was probably also the series finale. Terminator’s ratings haven’t been doing so great since the start of season 2 and finally leveled out when Fox moved it to Fridays after a 3 week break. You can head over to TVbyNumbers for a full breakdown of ratings if you’re interested. While I won’t go spoil the finale in case anyone is planning on seeing it, I will say I’m kind of disappointed to see the show go. Yeah, it could possibly get renewed next season, but based on the ratings, the experts and I doubt it will. Luckily, Terminator Salvation (with Christian Bale as John Connor) is scheduled to hit theaters next month and it looks sick, so there is at least some Terminator in our future.

Congress to Investigate Bandwidth Capping: Finally, someone is starting to make some noise concerning bandwidth capping by ISPs which may include congress sniffing around. Wired.com has the story here.  Bandwidth capping is one of those things your ISP started to implement because their customer base kept growing and growing and instead of spending money upgrading their network infrastructure, they decided to cap bandwidth on clients, saving them a ton of money. I have Comcast when I’m home and not in school and I know we have some insanely low cap per month for having 3 college students and my parents home during the summer. I mean come on, it’s not like if Comcast spends a few thousand dollars upgrading their infrastructure they will go bankrupt….

Sprint Commercial: Something about this new Sprint commercial seems really cool. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I like the commercial so here it is: