Site News – 3/22/09

Well it has certainly been a while since my last update (+2 weeks to be technical) and unfortunately I’ve been battling sickness, stress, and an overload of work.  So let me give you guys the 10 second rundown: In case you don’t know, the regular season of CEVO just ended with Pandemic landing the first seed into playoffs with a 14-1 record.   Additionally, Pandemic also pulled out an impressive win in the GotFrag Tournament over Pure eSports in 2 maps.  Also, earlier this week I hooked up with my good friend Jock Yitch over at for a much needed CoD4 eSports roundup.  You can check out the show below:

Finally, to wrap things up, ETS LAN in Montreal took place this weekend, so all in all not too bad. Now on to the real news…

With great sadness I unfortunately have decided to discontinue the regularity of this blog.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, WHY!?!?  I have made this decision not because of the amount, or lack, of the site’s traffic.  This has absolutely nothing to do with the declining state of competitive CoD4 nor does it have anything to do with gaming or eSports in general.  I will continue to volunteer my time with CEVO, so I will not be leaving eSports entirely.  I love eSports, I don’t think I could ever just walk away and never come back, but at this moment in my life I need to take a step back.  This blog will continue to stay up, however, its posts will not be the weekly coverage you are used to.

Until then, game on.