CEVO-Pro Wk7 & GotFrag ???

In one week’s time it’s absolutely amazing how much can change. We’ve seen x3o and MoBdeep drop in the standings significantly as MoB Gaming and Pure rise to take their places. Then again, gauging the upcoming matches this was the predicted result. My guess is we’re going to see x3o slowly but surely continue to drop down the standings until they are no longer in playoff position as, at the moment, there just isn’t much activity coming from Rob’s camp. Fortunately, however, playoffs are just around the corner so things won’t get boring as the top 6 seeds slowly emerge this week.

CEVO-Professional Week 7:1
Pandemic > x3o
MoB Gaming > Hostile Faction 16-5
MoBdeep > ptL
Pure eSports > BackSlash Gaming –MOTW

Probably on any other given night I would tell you we have a number of exciting matches to look forward to, but tonight, I can’t. For starters, MoB Gaming quickly dispensed of Hostile Faction last night with a convincing 16-5 stomping. Although Hostile Faction had to play the match without CoCo, the result would have likely been the same with the only difference being more rounds won on Hostile Faction’s end as Crash is arguably MoB Gaming’s best map. Moving on we have Pandemic taking on x3o, which assuming the match even takes place, will be just a mess to watch as Pandemic advances to 7:2 with ease. On the side of MoB pond we have MoBdeep clutching desperately for their playoff position. Fortunately, their upcoming match against PtL should give them a much needed win after their loss to Pandemic on Monday as PtL is pretty much a sunken ship with the departure of former captain kun to backslash yesterday.

Closing out the night we have the only match really worth mention: Pure vs BackSlash. In all honesty I don’t see BackSlash winning this one, but it’s the closest thing we have to an interesting match. Although Pure may have looked shaky on Strike you might want to take a gander at their team page and their latest addition. That’s right kids, rob-wiz himself. Carter is taking a step back for more leisure activities and Pure won’t be content with any replacement, they need the best. Although BackSlash just picked up Kun from PtL, Rob and the rest of Pure will most likely come for blood and for tonight at least BackSlash will be a hemophiliac.

CEVO-Professional Week 7:2
Pandemic > Dynamic
PtL > x3o
Pure eSports > MoBdeep –MOTW
MoB Gaming > BackSlash

Closing out week 7 we have a few more interesting matches with finally one that should be quite interesting to watch. Pandemic should top Dynamic with relative ease while I’m predicting PtL to pick up their first win over a dying or by that time already dead x3o team. At the bottom half of the list we have our match of the week, Pure vs MoBdeep. If you recall, MoBdeep stomped Pure earlier in the season on Crash 16-9. Fortunately for Pure, it’s not earlier in the season now and the addition of rob-wiz is sure to give them a much needed boost in performance. Pure’s biggest problem in both their week 3 Crash losses against both MoB teams was their offense. They simply were unable to get into the bombsites or put any preasure on the defense. Pure will need to make MoBdeep’s defense work to get rounds so the rounds they do win don’t build too much momentum. If they can keep pick up a few rounds on offense, Pure should be able to hold out of defense and clinch the win.

Closing out week 7 MoB Gaming will be taking on BackSlash. From first glance this should look like a fairly close match that will most likely go in MoB’s favor. Unfortunately for BackSlash, MoB is nothing short of spectacular on Crash. In week 3, MoB was down 3-12 at half against Pure and switched to defense to eventually win the match 16-13. Enough said. Their offense is appropriately aggressive, rotates correctly, and generally makes the defense work to win every round. Their defense is nothing short of spectacular as getting into a bombsite is an accomplishment against MoB and if you actually get a plant off you should be given a cookie. Most likely if BackSlash starts on defense they will keep us entertained for the first half, but once MoB gets a crack on defense it’s pretty much game over and another W for MoB Gaming on Crash.

GotFrag ???
So apparently Pure is scheduled to play x3o in some best of three set. Cool. To be honest I really have no clue what’s going on in the GotFrag tournament anymore. First I thought MoB was playing versus Pure, and then they didn’t. Then, I thought x3o was forfeiting to Pure, but it turns out they did in fact play. So where exactly does that put us again? I’m personally thinking the grand finals with a best of three map set between Pandemic and Pure, but who knows. Maybe they will just call it and go bowling or something?? Seriously, for all the hype the GotFrag tournament got in the early rounds, things certainly have gotten boring, FAST. Hopefully, Pure vs Pandemic is actually confirmed a match and a date is set so I can make a prediction that will most likely be completely wrong.

  • http://www.pureesports.com snatcch

    yes yes pure vs pandemic for the finals

  • juve

    The reason mob vs pure didnt happen is because pure would let TM play but wouldnt let me play. Then for x3o, x3o didnt want to play with sintax or me, so pure let them use insight and apostle.