CEVO-Pro Wk6, GotFrag LB Semi's & Top 10

Although it has only been a week since our last update, quite a bit has changed. To start with, let’s take a look at x3o. The team that was once at the top of standings, dealt Pandemic their only loss, and looked next to unstoppable, is now sinking faster than the Titanic. The iceberg that first hit x3o was the departure of Preston “Juv3nile” Dornon to MoB Gaming for the allure of sponsorship dollars to potentially compete in upcoming European events. If one hit wasn’t enough, however, there are more rumors coming out that both PierreLuc “luke” Soucy and Robert “Sintax” Ryan might also be jumping off the x3o boat to MoB, Soucy as a backup and Ryan as a starter. I understand the need to pay the bills and the lure of sponsorships, but why all three of these players would jump ship to a team that is sitting 5th in the CEVO-P standings is beyond me, especially when there isn’t a European event announced anywhere near the size of AEF or TEX of last summer. Hopefully, x3o can sort themselves out and pick up some talented players to finish out the season, as there are still a plethora of players left hanging around from EG, Frag Dominant and more without homes.

CEVO-Professional Week 6:1:
Pandemic > PtL
MoB Gaming > x3o
Pure > Hostile Faction –MOTW
Backslash > Dynamic

Tonight we have an interesting set of matches with the exception of MoB vs x3o which will be delayed to Monday. At the top of the list, Pandemic should be able to move through PtL without too much trouble as their last match against Pure ended 16-9 in their favor. Needless to say, Pandemic looks at the top of their game, and it’s going to take more then what PtL has to bet them, especially on strike. This MoB vs x3o match is hard to call because it’s being delayed, but also because both teams haven’t really finalized their rosters yet. I’m going to give the edge to MoB, however, while x3o still tries to rebound. Pure vs Hostile Faction should be quite the interesting bout, especially considering where each stand at the moment.

On Pure’s end, they are sitting behind the likes of MoBdeep, definitely not a desirable place for such a talented and experienced team. On Hostile Faction’s side, a few more losses for them and a few more wins for BackSlash could easily send them down to 7th in the standings and out of playoff position. Whether or not kpwnage uses the scope is going to be a factor as in their past few matches on Crossfire, he spent most of his time without it. On Pure’s side, however, Carter will be busy causing all sorts of trouble for kpwnage and the rest of Hostile Faction, and for that reason, I’m giving the edge to Pure. Finishing off the matches tonight we have Backslash vs Dynamic, where both teams are currently sitting out of playoff position. Both teams really need a win to save face, but unfortunately I just don’t see Dynamic coming away with this one. Backslash’s latest victory over x3o might have been when x3o was down, but a win against the 2nd seed team is still a win and will be more than enough to move them past Dynamic.

CEVO-Professional Week 6:2:
Pandemic > MoBdeep –MOTW
MoB Gaming > Dynamic
Pure > PtL
Backslash > Hostile Faction

Thankfully, we have two very exciting matches on the plate for Monday, first between Pandemic and MoBdeep and a second between BackSlash and Hostile Faction. MoBdeep is probably turning a number of heads currently sitting 3rd in the standings, but their match against Pandemic could be a make or break for them to remain in that position. Unfortunately, even with their most recent additions, I just don’t see it happening. Strike is arguably one of Pandemic’s strongest maps and MoBdeep just won’t be prepared to handle the adapting style of Pandemic’s play. On the other side of the river, we have BackSlash taking on Hostile Faction. BackSlash already beat Hostile Faction once and while they claim it was simply an upset, I’ll roll against the odds and predict another win for BackSlash as jtf2 and company once again come out and surprise Hostile Faction. Unfortunately the remaining matches scheduled for Monday shouldn’t be too difficult to predict. Dynamic will put up a half decent match against MoB, but Andy and whoever is playing for MoB by Monday will be more then able to skate by with a win. Closing out the matches on Strike, Pure will most likely stomp PtL into oblivion.  Unfortunately for PtL it’s like trying to shovel snow while it’s still snowing.

GotFrag Tournament LB Semi-Finals:
Pure > MoB Gaming

MoB might have beaten Pure in CEVO, but in a best of three map set, I like Pure to win. Disregarding the importance of this match in advancing to the LB Finals, it also will serve as a good test of which of these two teams will get the unofficial #2 spots in North America with x3o dropping out due to recent roster troubles. My guess is Pure will try to keep the match off Crossfire and Crash where they lost to Pandemic and MoB respectfully on each in CEVO. Fortunately they are the higher seed, so it shouldn’t be too hard to steer clear of crash. Besides getting to eliminate a map first, Pure also will be able to pick the 3rd map of the set out of the two remaining maps left at the end. In a match between two teams as talented as Pure and MoB, the match is almost guaranteed to go onto a 3rd map where Pure will most likely pull through their victory.

North American Top 10

Via Fnatic.com:

Only a few days after announcing several roster modifications, the TCA staff of the North American branch decided it was about time to build a top 10 for this side of the pond since it’s hasn’t been done for almost a year! This will be the first of monthly sequel where the five members will be voting on their thoughts about who deserves to be in this prestigious ranking.

Our panelists are: Ian “ianLP” Tannehill, Ted “sang” Ottey, Kyle “HackettLP” Feeley, Tim “TimL” Lampman and I J-C “Se1Ko” Gaudet. These respected names in our community made their decisions and were able to build a reliable list for our top 10 teams of CoD4 in North America.

The result has been made by using the usual points system where the first place earns 10 points, the second 9 points and so on.

You can check out the full rankings as well as my breakdown over on Fnatic’s site here.

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