CEVO-Pro Wk5, GotFrag, & x3o Roundtable

Due to my crazy schedule at the moment which includes all sorts of unpredictable and unforseeable events we’re just going to take the week’s CoD news and drop it all into a single post, this one!  We have CEVO-Pro week 5 matches tonight and Monday as well as the upper bracket finals and lower bracket semi-finals in the GotFrag CoD4 tournament, and finally a little “state of the community” roundtable I participated in a few weeks back after the cancellation of NERV.  So sit back as I break it all down.

CEVO-Professional Week 5:1 & 5:2

The big news in CEVO-P at the moment besides Panemic narrowly hanging on to the 1st place standing with a higher CPI is the current mod situation.  If you haven’t heard, there are a number of people who don’t like DAMN mod.  In fact, Pandemic and MoB have threatened to forfeit their matches if they have to play on DAMN.  Cool huh?  I think the most interesting thing about the whole situation is the community as a whole generally wanted to try to DAMN and now there is this whole notion CEVO and CAL forced it upon them.  Anyway, it doesn’t really matter if they forfeit their matches or don’t play them, because that’s what they do anyway.  Seriously, for CEVO-P matches to actually be scheduled before 6PM EST on the deadline day someone must have parted the red sea, seen the second coming of Jesus, and finally played the released version of Dukenukem Forever!  I don’t know why professional teams can’t schedule ahead of time as it would make everyone’s lives a lot easier, especially the casting companies, but they can’t or won’t.  Moving on, however, these are the matches and my predictions pending they ever get scheduled and played.

Week 5:1
MoB > PtL
x3o > Hostile Faction – MOTW
Pure > Dynamic
MoBdeep > Backslash

We have an interesting 4 matches supposedly scheduled tonight whichwill probably end with Pure and MoB both claiming fairly comfortable wins over Dynamic and PtL respectively and two closer matches between MoBdeep and Backslash.  Starting with MoBdeep and Blackslash, I think we’re goingto see a close match on both ends with the advantage going to the more prepared team.  MoBdeep just came off a pretty solid win over Hostile Faction where Backslash narrowly managed to pull the win over PtL.  While Backslash could definitely pull out the win here, I think Gomez and the rest of MoBdeep will take it.  Moving on, the match between x3o and Hostile Faction would look to be a simple one to predict, x3o should take the win.  For some reason, however, Hostile Faction likes to play all over the place.  They go from beating MoB and narrowly losing to Pandemic to then losing to Backslash and MoBdeep.  I don’t care if you’re “underestimating” your opponent or not, it’s bad and it makes predicting matches harder.  I’ll go with my gut and say x3o still manages to pull out the win against a Hostile Faction team that will actually look on their game.

Week 5:2
Panemic > Pure – MOTW
MoB Gaming > MoBdeep
Hostile Faction > Dynamic
x3o > Backslash

Monday we will again see two relatively easy victories coming out, this time in favor of Hostile Faction and x3o while Panemic, Pure and the MoB’s duke it out.  Without beating around the bush too much, I’ll give the edge to Pandemic and MoB Gaming respectively.  MoB Gaming just recently defeated MoBdeep in the GotFrag LB semi-finals, and although this match will be on crossfire, the new addition of tm to MoB Gaming should prove enough to hold off their Italian counterparts.  Pandemic and Pure finally get a rematch from their Wk 1:1 match where Pandemic narrowly pulled out the win.  Sadly for Pure, however, I think Joe and company will do so again.  While Pure did manage to defeat x3o last week, Pandemic has the potential to be very deadly on crossfire given their preparation.  The key for Pure is going to be their offense, whether or not Carter scopes, and how effective he is.  If carter does pick up the scope, Pandemic will need to make it difficult for him to open rounds or keep him busy by allowing Prank to scope as well.  Either way, I see Panemic narrowly coming out on top.

GotFrag Tournament

UB Finals
x3o > Pandemic 2-1

I will be brave and predict the upset here.  Both teams will win their matches respectively, but I like x3o at the moment to win the tiebreaker map.  I don’t know why and I can’t explain it, but something tells me x3o will come more prepared, and when playing a best of three set, preperation is essential.  Expect to see close matches on all the maps, but x3o should once again narrowly squeeze past Pandemic into the Finals.

LB Semi-Finals
Pure > Dynamic 2-0

Dynamic did an excellent job making it this far in the bracket, but unfortunately they will be exiting this round.  Pure has way too much talent, experience, and momentum at the moment to be upset here.  It would be like Nalzy not trolling the CAL forums looking like an idiot.  It just ain’t gonna happen baby.  Anyway, Pure should win this in two maps and advance to take on MoB Gaming in the LB Finals.

x3o Media: state of the community

Via x3o-gaming.com:

The Call of Duty community has always had its ups and downs, but with the recent cancellation of NERV LAN 3, it is now becoming apparent that the competitive scene has come to a boiling point. X3O-Gaming.com has taken it upon themselves to investigate the recent events leading up to what amounts to be a time of crisis for the competitive Call of Duty scene.

Hosts Travis and Justin brought together prominent members of the North American CoD eSports community. Important topics ranging from the what’s and why’s of NERV 3 LAN’s cancellation (and a special announcement from Matt Gomez), to steps being taken by community leaders to right the sinking ship are covered in length with top personalities and players in North America.

Guests Include:

Stephen “Mav” Groat – X3O CoD 4 player, and creator of DAMN Mod
Matt “Chimpae” Gomez – Captain of MoB Deep, and organizer of NERV LAN 1 and 2
Ted “Sang” Ottey – CEVO administrator and writer of www.div3rse.com
J-C “se1ko” Gaudet – CoD 4 writer for Insider eSports and organizer of the upcoming LAN ETS in Montreal, Canada


Travis Hezel & Justin Knutson – On-Air Personalities for the X3O Professional Gaming Media Division

Download the roundtable here.