Weekend Site Updates – 2/14/09

Despite all the exciting matches and upsets this week, things have been pretty slow around here.  When I first launched this blog I had a lot of feedback with a number of people volunteering their time and skills.  Unfortunately, I think some people thought this was going to be some full blown news site and were perhaps disappointed with the kind of content being produced.  I tried to accommodate this by changing my original plan to include bi-weekly posts for CEVO and GotFrag.  While only a week has gone by, I’m afraid to say I will be changing the content format again.

Over the past few days traffic has been decreasing steadily, hitting an all time low Thursday when it should have spiked back up for both the CEVO and GotFrag news posted.  Between the two combined posts yesterday (CEVO & GotFrag) there was a total of 14 unique hits for the CEVO post and 6 unique hits for the GotFrag post, totaling 20 unique visits for Thursday.  I don’t really have a problem with traffic numbers, but what I do have a problem with is wasted time.  These numbers are way too low to warrant bi-weekly news posts and it is not fair to those who volunteered their time writing predictions.  Therefore, I will be switching things up for now to have one post per week for both Thursday and Monday CEVO round matches as well as one weekly post for GotFrag. The GotFrag weekly posts will go up every Tuesday while the CEVO weekly posts will go up every Thursday.  Due to the fact I already relesed a post Thursday for CEVO, I will have a post out Monday for those matches so they are not skipped over.

If traffic increases I will be more then happy to go back to bi-weekly news posts and possibly more.  I would prefer not to have to spam links all around the community to get hits, but I’m not sure how else to do it.  So, I ask all of you who already come on a regular basis or semi-regular basis to get your teammates/friends visiting.  In the meantime I’ve made a few small technical updates including an updated version of wordpress, sharing options at the bottom of each post, ads inside the left column to pay for server expenses, and a few other SEO upates to try to help with site traffic.  As always, I am more then happy to hear your thoughts/opinions/flames so feel free to contact me with anything.


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    keep up the good work ted, <3

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    This community appreciates you contributing your talent and helping it grow into something better.

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    Doing good man. I try to get on when i can to read it up, lots of exciting stuff going on in cod!