GotFrag Tournament UB Round 4

The GotFrag CoD4 tournament is thankfully going as expect as I don’t think anyone could argue with the current top four teams in the upper bracket being where they are tonight. While the general opinion in the community about the tournament seems to be relatively positive, the best of three map set for each match can get tiring at times, especially for the broadcasters. Tonight, however, I don’t think it will matter much as both upper bracket matches are between teams I wouldn’t mind seeing play all 3 maps of a best of three set.

Upper Bracket Round 4 Preview

MOTW: x3o vs Pure E-Sports
Ted’s Prediction: x3o > Pure E-Sports
Se1Ko’s Prediction: x3o > Pure E-Sports
siMpLE’s Prediction: x3o <?> Pure E-Sports

Ted: Hey this looks extremely familiar! Although I have already predicted x3o to defeat Pure in CEVO, a best of three map set almost makes this a completely different ball game, maybe even a game not played with a ball. On both sides of the spectrum you have two teams that have not only beaten every team thus far, but done so without losing a single map. Keeping with this trend, I expect to see x3o and Pure win their respective maps in two very close matches, advancing to the final map. Although Pure will get the option of picking the final map from the two remaining maps left in the map pool, I will stick with my gut and once again give x3o the edge to win the set. The more x3o plays the better they seem, first beating Pandemic and then pulling off an amazing comeback against MoBdeep. This match will be all about those important 3v3, 2v2 and clutch situations we always talk about. Fortunately for x3o, Rob is a master clutcher, “1v2 no problem, 1v3 cake walk, 1v12 easy peasy.” (Quote via a comment on a GotFrag news post, not to be taken srsly.)

siMpLE: Another battle of the juggernauts here. x3o still undefeated in CEVO, and despite PURE’s poor preformance on crash, they are still a big contender in the leagues. I’m not sure what the map choices are but I see this matching ending 2-1 as well with an OT match where it can really go either way depending on how hard they have strated for the tiebreaker.

Pandemic vs MoB Gaming
Ted’s prediction: Pandemic > MoB Gaming
Se1Ko’s Prediction: Pandemic > MoB Gaming
siMpLE’s Prediction: Pandemic > MoB Gaming

Ted: Fortunately for Pandemic they are the higher seed, which means if they so choose, they can eliminate Crash, the map MoB beat Pure on, before they have a chance to pick it. Regardless of whether they do or not, I’m going to be gutsy and predict Pandemic to win in two maps. MoB might be riding the momentum wave, but once they fall and get caught in the riptide it’s almost like watching a different team. Pandemic should be able to take their map with relative ease and if the match does venture onto Crash, I don’t see MoB’s aggressive defense being anywhere near as effective because it is focused around an offense that pushes the A bombsite. This is because Pandemic is one of the few teams that can actually pull off repeated B bombsite pushes with success.

siMpLE: Here we have two of the better teams from CEVO-P this season. Pandemic barley won against HF, while MoB’s match, even though the score was decieving, had a rather dominating preformance on crash over PURE with a good comeback. I don’t know if pandemic is just not adjusted to this mod yet or not but I still see them winning this match 2-1, each teaming winning their own map and Pandemic taking the tiebreaker.

The Bottom Line

The best thing about the current situation in the upper bracket is it really doesn’t matter who wins. Even if my predictions all turn out wrong we still have an amazing match scheduled for the upper bracket finals between MoB who just beat Pure Monday. Of course, on the other side of the coin, if both my predictions hold up we’ll see the epic rematch of Pandemic versus x3o. Just saying it makes my skin crawl. We could be seeing the new North American rivalry building here folks!