CEVO-Pro Week 4:1

Things are starting to quiet down as the drama that presented itself earlier this week finally fades away for a few days. Fortunately, however, things are heating up in CEVO after a number of intense matches with a plethora of unexpected results. Thankfully, with CEVO and GotFrag running parallel this evening, there seems to be no shortage of exciting matches.

Round 3:1 Recap
Pandemic > Hostile Faction – I predicted this to be a close match and indeed it doesn’t get any closer than 16-14, except maybe in overtime. The only tragedy was the match unfortunately was not casted. While Hostile Faction may be upset they lost in such a close match, you have to give the props to Pandemic for pulling out the narrow victory.

MoB Gaming > Pure – MoB did an amazing job downing Pure last round as their defense was simply outstanding winning 13 rounds for a win. Pure, on the other hand, are now in all sorts of trouble as not only did they lose to MoB Gaming, but also to MoBdeep for their week 3-1 match that was played Monday evening as well. Pure, along with MoBdeep, MoB Gaming, Hostile Faction and Dynamic all sport the less then desirable 3-3 record. Not to make the situation worse, Pure now sits 5th in the standings behind both MoB teams.

X3o > MoBdeep – Before pulling off the upset win over Pure, MoBdeep almost pulled off an upset over x3o. If my memory serves me right from what I was told, x3o was down something like 8-15 and managed to tie the game and eventually win in overtime. Despite the loss, MoBdeep played extremely well and x3o once again proved why they are still the team to beat at the moment.

Dynamic > Pushing the Limits – My prediction the frenchies would come through with their first win was destroyed Monday as Dynamic edged out the narrow 16-13 win over a demoralized PtL team. Hopefully PtL can find some magic and pull out a win in the next few weeks as another team dying in CEVO-P would be very problematic for the standings.

Round 3:2 Preview
Prediction Standings:
Ted: 5-4
Se1Ko: 1-2
siMpLE: 1-2
Sintax: 1-2

MOTW: x3o vs Pure E-Sports
Ted’s Prediction: x3o > Pure E-Sports
Se1Ko’s Prediction: x3o > Pure E-Sports
siMpLE’s Prediction: Pure E-Sports > x3o

Ted: How can I not call this the match of the week? What is perhaps only even more amusing is that both these teams will be playing each other a second time tonight in a best of three map set for the GotFrag tournament. Judging by Pure’s results last week one might be quick to dismiss them against x3o and assume Rob and the rest of the gang will sweep an easy win. This is hardly going to be the case. Pure knows they are in serious trouble. Sitting in 5th place in CEVO-P is not where they want to be at the moment, especially with a similar record to that of both MoB teams, Dynamic and Hostile Faction. This makes them very desperate for a win, and desperate teams are often the most dangerous because they have nothing to lose. Like Pure’s previous matches, this match will also come down to how many rounds can be won on offense. I expect to see a plethora of interesting and unique strats coming from Pure throughout the match but most especially on offense. If Pure can get aggressive instead of playing passive on offense like their matches against MoB, I think we’ll see a close match. Despite this, however, I’m still going with my gut and giving the edge to x3o in belief the momentum train will have enough fuel to carry them through to the next station.

siMpLE: These teams also face each other this week in gotfrag tourney so it will be interesting to see if one team will win both matches. This week’s map is backlot and having scrimmed x3o a few times on it, I know that they seem pretty prepared but still need to work some things out in their strat. I saw instantly after PURE’s 2nd loss on crash that they went straight into their server to practice backlot. This team wants to get back into the top 3 badly. Here i believe is where x3o will find their first loss.

Pandemic vs BackSlash
Ted’s prediction: Pandemic > BackSlash
Se1Ko’s Prediction: BackSlash > Pandemic
Sintax’s Prediction: Pandemic > BackSlash

Ted: BackSlash has been playing quite well for a late Pro division moveup, but I’m still going to have to give the edge to Pandemic. Their dance with Hostile Faction last week left them a clear cut message that there are still plenty of teams left in CEVO-P that can tango so expect them to come prepared for Backlot with grenades that cause all sorts of problems for defenses as well as Justin “prank” DeMara switching between scope and SMG when needed. BackSlash will make a match of it, but Pandemic will pull out the win despite Se1Ko predicting against his French brother Nicolas.

Sintax: Backslash has pulled off a pair of nice wins so far this cevo season. They have a roster with some experienced people on it who want to win. I don’t see them downing Pandemic though. Pand’s smgs will take this map and the A bombsite nonstop. Backslash has to play smart and hit all their shots to take down their opponents on this one, there is not much room for error.

Hostile Faction vs Pushing the Limits
Ted’s Prediction: Hostile Faction > PtL
Se1Ko’s Prediction: Hostile Faction > PtL
Se1Ko’s Prediction: Hostile Faction > PtL

Ted: I don’t really have much to say on this one because as much as I would like to see PtL pull out a victory here, I just don’t see it happening. Hostile Faction might be upset about losing such a close match to PtL but unless they go off on another tangent like they did against BackSlash, I doubt they will have much trouble here.

Sintax: Ptl wants this win bad, but they’re going to need a miracle to pull it out. Backlot favors the close range game, which puts Ptl at a disadvantage. Hostile is coming into this strong and ready to take a winning record out of it. They had a good showing against Pandemic, which I expect to continue through to tonight for a W.

Dynamic vs MoBdeep
Ted’s Prediction: MoBdeep > Dynamic
Se1Ko’s Prediction: MoBdeep > Dynamic
siMpLE’s Prediction: MoBdeep > Dynamic
Sintax’s Prediction: MoBdeep > Dynamic

Ted: A very interesting match here against Dynamic and MoBdeep that is another match this week I see only ending one way, and this time in favor of MoBdeep. Dynamic is a very talented team that could easily win this match, but I don’t see MoBdeep losing the momentum gained from beating Pure on Monday unless they make some serious mistakes. It is those mistakes MoBdeep is going to have to watch out for, because Dynamic is a team that will punish you severely if you let go easy rounds. The last thing MoBdeep wants to have happen is have another 15-8 situation lost.

siMpLE: MoBDeep is riding off a high with their victory over PURE. On the contrast, we have dynamic barely winning over ptL, a score I’m sure they are not too pleased with. Dynamic is starting to slip into the lower part of the standings, while MoBDeep’s roster has improved with the pickup of sparx as their fulltime sniper. I do not see MoBDeep getting a dominating win, but them winning fairly convincingly.

Sintax: Mobdeep has been on a rollercoaster ride this season. Crazy wins and some painful losses can keep a team on its toes. Deep’s been constantly looking for a 5th to solidify their roster and keep the car on an upward tilt, and with the pickup of Sparx, they might have finally pulled it off. Dynamic, also in the search for a new 5th, needs a momentum boost. I don’t think it will be this match.

The Bottom Line
If you thought last week was important for standings, this week is even more so. You have five teams at the moment sharing a 3-3 record with the only thing separating them being their CPI, two teams continuing to distance themselves further from the competition, one team still trying to recover lost ground, and another team still fighting for their first win of the season. I’m not sure how much more interesting the season can get. Hopefully things start to get back to normal so I don’t look so bad with a current 5-4 prediction record.