CEVO-Pro Week 3:2

Disregarding the insanity the last few days have brought for one minute, CEVO-Professional continues tonight with the final group of matches on Crash after an exciting first round last Thursday. Additionally, we also saw a close match between x3o and MoBdeep where MoBdeep narrowly lost in overtime to the still undefeated x3o yesterday for their week 3:2 match.

Round 3:1 Recap

Pandemic > Dynamic – Despite the 12-16 loss to x3o on Monday, Pandemic bounced right back with a solid win over Dynamic. For Panemic, this victory simply solidifies their position behind x3o in the standings as pending the outcome of Pure vs MoBdeep, they are currently the only team with a 4-1 record. Unfortunately for Dynamic, sage and company are now sporting the all too common 2-3 record with both MoBdeep and MoB Gaming. Hopefully they can rebound this week and start to even things up as both MoB teams continue to have a rollercoaster of different results.

Hostile Faction > Frag Dominant – I guess FD finally decided enough was enough and to just die, which really sucks to be honest. Besides sporting a very talented and diverse roster FD was the only other team besides Pandemic remaining from season 2.

X3o > Pushing the Limits – My frienchies were again denied their first win of the season Thursday as the seemingly unstoppable x3o ran right over them. In all fairness though, x3o did just beat Pandemic on Monday so a loss here was kind of expected. What is really depressing, however, is that a team that qualified into the professional division by going undefeated in the placement tournament hasn’t even gotten a single win yet.

BackSlash > MoB Gaming – BackSlash pulled off the upset Thursday evening over a MoB Gaming team continuing to look more confusing by the minute. Despite having two players lagging throughout the match due to reliability of wireless internet, BackSlash seemed generally in control as they dominated the second half of the match to propel themselves to victory. In MoB’s case, the past is behind them, and their focus should be on tonight’s match.

Round 3:2 Preview
Prediction Standings:
Ted: 3-1 (1 Match TBD)

MOTW: MoB Gaming vs Pure E-Sports
Ted’s Prediction: Pure E-Sports > MoB Gaming
Se1Ko’s Prediction: Pure E-Sports > MoB Gaming
siMpLE’s Prediction: Pure E-Sports > MoB Gaming
Sintax’s Prediction: Pure E-Sports > MoB Gaming

Ted: This is an extremely important match for both teams. For MoB Gaming, beating Pure would do wonders for their CPI (especially if Pure manages to beat MoBdeep) and put them at a more reasonable 3-3 record. For Pure, getting a win tonight would help them stay at the top of standings near the still undefeated x3o who they have yet to play as well as Pandemic who has given them their only loss this season. Expect to see the big name players on both teams step up their play when needed, however, the game breaker will be each team’s offense. MoB Gaming is a team that rides heavily on momentum, and if you can stop them from stringing rounds together and hold them to picking up a round or two here and there, their offense will be less effective. For this reason, I’m giving the match to Pure as their SMGs seem aggressive enough to get the job done on offense while causing all sorts of headaches for MoB on defense.

siMpLE: This will be an interesting match up to watch. MoB having recently losing to team backSlash on crash will surely want a win this week as they stand 2-3 in CEVO-P which im sure they did not anticipate this early in the game. I saw that they were practicing instantly after their lose in hopes of ironing out the wrinkles in their strategy. They have also made the addition of tm to their roster, so this will be a good test to see if he can still hang with the top dogs. PURE is currently in 3rd place with 3-1, still having not played MoBdeep on crash yet. PURE is defiantly a team to beat this season and they will want to make this known with another win solidifying them in the top 3. I predict an extremely close game.

Sintax: This one looks to be a damn good match. Both teams have solid lineups and can pull out tough rounds. I’m giving this one to Pure due to MoB’s recent inconsistant play, but if Pure isn’t careful, MoB will take this right out from them with clutch rounds.

Pandemic vs Hostile Faction
Ted’s prediction: Pandemic > Hostile Faction
Se1Ko’s Prediction: Pandemic > Hostile Faction
siMpLE’s Prediction: Pandemic > Hostile Faction
Sintax’s Prediction: Pandemic > Hostile Faction

Ted: Very interesting match here that I can only see ending in one of two results. One being Pandemic manages to beat Hostile Faction in a match closer than many expect. Or Two, Hostile Faction manages to pull the upset on Pandemic and we again see the community accuse Hostile Faction of cheating. What is for certain, however, is this match will not be a blowout, on either side.  Kpwnage and company will come extremely prepared as they didn’t have a match on Thursday due to Frag Dominant dying. Again, I see the key to this match being the offense of both teams. Knowing Pandemic’s offense as well as I do, I don’t expect to see them change things up too much from the last time I have seen them play crash, which could cause huge problems for Hostile Faction as Pandemic plays quite different than many teams on this map. I’m giving this one to Pandemic for a narrow win.

siMpLE: Pandemic is coming off a 16-11 win over Team Dynamic. It was much closer than many anticipated especially due to the loss of one of dynamics top players, jtf2. With Pandemic having that one lose against x3o im sure they will want to finsih the rest of the season undefeated and will cook up some strats to ensure a win. The community, on the other hand, has not yet seen what HF has to offer on this map due to them have a FF due to the demise of FD. This will not be a complete blow out but i do see Pandemic winning without breaking too much of a sweat.

Sintax: No matter what you think of Hostile, they’ve been outperforming quite a few people’s expectations in Cevo-P so far. On the other hand, this team occasionally plays like a completely different crew with some off play and matches. I don’t think they’ll get past their inconsistancies with Pandemic. P is filled with players who know how to find holes in their opponent’s play. Unless they tighten up drastically, Hostile will drop below the .500 mark.

Dynamic vs Pushing the Limits
Ted’s Prediction: PtL > Dynamic
Se1Ko’s Prediction: PtL > Dynamic
siMpLE’s Prediction: PtL > Dynamic

Ted: I’ll give this one to the underdogs! While Dynamic is certainly a skilled team and could easily take this match, I think we’ll finally see the frenchies pull out a win tonight on Crash. Call it a gut feeling or whatever, but PtL definitely has what it takes to pull the upset here.

siMpLE: Although this may not be the most hyped up match up of the week, this will prehaps be one of the more intersting matchs. Both teams have a lot on the line here, Dynamic sits at 2-3 on the brink of not making playoffs and ptL has their pride on the line sitting winless 0-5. Dynamic took a huge blow with the recent loss of jtf2, but still seem to handle pandemic fairly losing by 5 rounds. ptL wants a win more than ever and this may be their best opportunity. I will be very curious to see the results of this match up. I forsee yet another very close game coming down ot the wire, I predict ptL because i want to see them get this win, and I think that they will prepare a lot for this.

Sintax: PTL is looking to prove they belong in Cevo-P, and this is their week to do it. Dynamic is suffering from roster drama and I haven’t seen much out of them in terms of scrimming recently. They’re still a skilled group of players, but I’m not sure how into this match they’re going to be. If PTL is ready to take advantage on crash, they can put their first win on the board.

The Bottom Line

Despite all the shit that may be happening due to NERV being canceled and other situations occurring behind closed doors, teams can’t go on holiday. By the end of tonight, teams will have played 6 of the 15 regular season matches. This means the window for turning a disappointing start of the season is closing by the minute. Furthermore, teams like x3o, Pandemic and Pure can’t get too comfortable just quite yet either. You guys may still be the teams to beat, but a handful of losses now could spell the difference between entering playoffs as a top 3 seed or bottom 3 seed. Hopefully, everyone manages to keep their heads in the game so things don’t get any more screwed up then the current situation.

  • placebo

    Great writeup Ted, and thanks for the preds everyone.

    My MOTW: Pandemic vs Hostile. With all the flaming and controversy since Ted’s original post, I can’t wait to see how Hostile responds.

  • sang

    placebo :

    Great writeup Ted, and thanks for the preds everyone.

    My MOTW: Pandemic vs Hostile. With all the flaming and controversy since Ted’s original post, I can’t wait to see how Hostile responds.

    Way to predict after the match has happened bro 😛
    Pandemic > Hostile Faction 16-14

  • placebo