Weekend Site Updates

After an interesting launch of this blog things seem to be going quite well so I figured I’d give everyone a little update about what’s going on.

To start with, Limech from E-REV TV was gracious enough to create a custom RSS feed of upcoming CoD4 broadcasts from his site (www.progamingtv.com) so I do not have to manually update the list. You can find that RSS feed at the top right-hand side of the page like the previous list. When there are no casts within the feed it will probably read “No casts planned for the next 7 days.” Not to worry though, the feed will automatically update when specific casts are scheduled.

Secondly, I realized that although this is just a blog, people still might want to access achieves of different posts.  For now, I’ve added a “News Sections” tab underneath the “Upcoming CoD4 Casts” tab.  These sections will be broken into multiple categories: Site News (like this post), General CoD4 News (Roster changes, state of the game, etc.), and League/Tournament specific categories.  I’m not sure whether this is the best way to achieve the posts, but for now it seems like it will work.

Additionally, after the launch I have had a number of people add me to xfire, however, I am still looking for 1-3 people to help with predictions for weekly CEVO and GotFrag matches.  These predictions are not complicated and don’t require a whole lot of work, just simply who you think will win a particular match.  I might also be looking for a graphic designer for a logo so if anyone is interested, has some spare time, and would be willing to donate it, please get in contact with me.

Final note, I’ve been asked a number of times whether I will be attending the upcoming NERV LAN.  I will be at NERV and pending any uncontrolable circumstances I will be providing coverage here.  I will leave that subject there as NERV is still a few weeks away, but hopefully I will be able to have a few more updates on that subject  as well as something else I’m in the process of working on in the coming weeks.


  • placebo

    Looking good man. Love the fact you can give your opinion as you see it.

  • jus7addwater

    E-rev.tv 😛