Welcome to div3rse.com

Welcome to div3rse.com, my personal blog for CoD4 and eSports news and content.  How often will there be content here?  I don’t know.  If there is something to write about I will, if not, I won’t.  You can probably make a safe bet there will be at least two posts a week for CEVO coverage.  Additionally, I’ll also try to start covering the GotFrag tournament and possibly a little bit of CAL-Main.  At the top right of the page I have a place for upcoming CoD4 broadcasts.  I’ll try to keep this updated ahead of time so people know in advance which matches are being casted before match night.  Additionally, I have set up my Twitter RSS feed for quick CoD4 updates as well as GotFrag’s CoD4 RSS for additional news and content.

So what kind of content should you expect here?  Without getting to technical I’ll be writing coverage, news, and a whole lot of opinion on what is happening in the CoD4 community.  This content will be completely independent of any of my affiliations, no words left out.  Over the past month the CoD4 community has lost an independent source of news and content to the lure of eSports ‘businesses’.

Coverage needs to go back to being fun again, a couple guys sitting around writing about what is happening, why its happening, and what to expect.  I have no intention of turning this into some big CoD4 news site.  This isn’t a play at GotFrag, Insider eSports or anyone else.  This is a personal blog based on CoD4 and eSports news.  If you don’t like it, don’t come.  If you do, pull up a chair and feel free to hook up to my RSS feeds.  My job is not to tell your story. My job is to make sure your story gets told.